Gold Medal win for American Wild Ale Category in GTA Brews Brew Slam 2018 Competition

We are constantly creating new beer recipes and when November came, we decided to submit a handful of our beers to the Brew Slam 2018 competition hosted by the GTA Brews club. Judging took place over the November 9th - 11th weekend with the award ceremony was held on the 24th.

We were lucky enough to be one of the BJCP judges (Belgian Strong Ale, American Pale Ale and Other American Pale Ale categories) for the event and we have to say the event was organized really really well!  It is the largest homebrew competition in Canada with 834 entries from 189 brewers.

The whole Iron Rings’ crew attended the award ceremony held at Junction Craft Brewing.  We took home the Gold Medal for the largest category of American Wild Ale with 60 entries.  Our submission was a kettle sour named Prince Pouya of Persia. It was an experimental kettle sour we brewed with a very neutral yeast and simple grain bill.  We blended our own mix of lactobacillus and wanted that to be the star of the beer. We had a blast at the event and tasted a lot of award winning beers that night.


The feedback from the competition was awesome and gave us some pointers as to what to improve on our beers.  The win was also amazing encouragement and fuel to our passion on the road of the sometimes jaded life of a beer brewer.


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